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"Looks fantastic, thought I would have to get new carpets. I will definitely be referring you!"

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Refresh Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Carpets from 15

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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

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Commercial Cleaning


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Why should you use Refresh?

  • Satisfied Customers - read our feedback
  • All inclusive price
  • Fully insured, Experianced, Reliable and friendly staff
  • Latest equipment - see the results
  • Domestic & Commercial Cleaning

Refreshingly Good Carpet Cleaning

You may be wondering why you should consider Refresh to clean your home’s carpets. It always pays to first way up the pros and cons to a decision before deciding on a definite action. Lets first run through the many reasons why our carpet cleaning can benefit you.

Carpet and rug cleaning can save you money

As with most things in life, regular maintenance prolongs the life of the item in question. Cars, furniture, houses, carpets and your personal health - they all have one thing in common; the more effort and time that is put into their wellbeing, the longer they live and the happier they are. Time and use will eventually cloak your carpet in dust and marks. However by keeping your carpet thoroughly cleaned you can enjoy the best it has to offer for as long as possible before you need to replace it. Additionally, our cleaning techniques and products have been proven to care for not destroy the individual fibres of your rug and carpet. Our carpet cleaning methods can rejuvenate colours and plump up pile, making your carpet and rug truly seem as good as new.

Refresh’s rug cleaning is good for your health

There’s no denying the fact that carpets and rugs will get dirty; daily use, children, pets and messy guests all do their bit to contribute to making the floors a bit grubby. While there’s no point worrying too much about the appearance of carpets, it is worthwhile considering how the state of your home’s carpet can affect your health. Dust, pollen and microscopic spores can all get trapped in rug and carpet fibres. This then gets trodden down and further pressed into the carpet itself. Regular and intensive cleaning can lift these unwanted substances up and out of the carpet better and more thoroughly than an ordinary vacuum cleaner can. Our carpet cleaning can sanitize your carpet as well as deodorize. Most allergy sufferers can do much to alleviate their symptoms just by ensuring consistent carpet and rug cleaning.

Our carpet and upholstery cleaning is super convenient

When it comes to cleaning your sofas, armchairs or even office chairs, the problem of when always comes up. Understandably water is involved and there will be a period of time when the upholstery needs to be left to dry thoroughly before it can be used again. Happily, this is not an issue with Refresh; we understand the importance of convenience and tailor our upholstery cleaning services around your schedule. You just let us know when it is best for you and we will take care of all the upholstery cleaning quickly and efficiently.

We have just had a look at three good reasons to use Refresh. Are there any cons? To date we can honestly say we haven’t heard of any!

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